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About Us...


Sereteks Construction Chemicals Co. was established in 1997 and manufactures industrial plastering and building chemicals. The company has been awarded the prestigious Quality Certificate of ISO 9001:2000, TSE, TSEK.

Sereteks Co. never diverges from its mission of service quality, and is devoted to the satisfaction of its customers and employees. The company also prides itself in its sensitivity towards both social and environmental issues, which it regards as twin priorities.

With its superior manufacturing technology and capacity, Sereteks Co. continuously heavily invests in research and development in order to develop its wide range of products, whilst maintaining its prime position within its manufacturing domain.


Mission, Vision and Values...

Freedom: Sereteks Construction Chemicals Co. openly expresses its thoughts on any environmental concerns in a manner which is both appropriate and constructive. Sereteks Co. operates in accordance with the company's highly-held values and participates in activities that are designed to carry the corporation into the future.

Equality: Sereteks Co. treats colleagues, customers and stakeholders of the firm on the basis of equal opportunity, regardless of personal interests, and is objective and unbiased in its decision-making. Sereteks Co. acts in accordance with its values, and is wholly committed to fulfilling its policy of customer satisfaction and social and institutional responsibilities.

Clearance: Sereteks Co. shares its institutional information with colleagues, customers and other stakeholders by complying with the privacy policy in an understandable and timely manner and provides information which is both transparent and accessible.

Trust: With its knowledge, skills and commitment to institutional values, Sereteks Co. establishes trust in its colleagues, customers and other parties of interest. Sereteks Construction Chemicals Co. invests authority and responsibility in those employees it carefully selects. In accordance with its institutional values, Sereteks Co. fulfils its promises in a timely, precise and optimal manner. Sereteks Co. takes ownership of its problems and errors and aggressively seeks solutions for them.

Respect: Sereteks Co. is open to suggestions and recommendations from its colleagues and customers, regardless of who they are, and in treating input and feedback seriously, takes a reciprocal approach in its respect for the opinions of others.



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