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Soil Hardening Cement

» Duracem SN Silica Aggregate

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Duracem SN Silica Aggregate

Silica Aggregate Surface Hardener


DURACEM S is a mineral-based, silica aggregate, ready mixed, colored hardener that includes cement, pigment and chemical admixtures. It is used to strengthen screed and cladding materials on the surfaces that require abrasion resistance. It is applied to prevent dust emission and provide esthetic appearance in monolithic way.


Aplication Scope:

·         Internal and external environments

  • Cladding of industrial facilities
  • Sheds and mechanical workshops
  • Garages and car parks
  • The areas where there is traffic of vehicles that have rubber wheel
    • Is applied to glazed concrete
    • Forms monolithic structure by drawing water from concrete through modified polymers in it after glazing concrete.
    • The surfaces to which Duracem S is applied are 2-4 times more durable than normal concrete.
    • Includes quartz aggregate that has granulometric grain size




            4-8 kg/m2 depending on traffic load and purpose to use. Minimum 7kg/m2 must be used in the applications where light color is used.





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